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Modern Ignition for Classic Cars



All items are available Individually in the Blue section
For complete custom distributor packs see Yellow section
For Module Packs see the Green section


Kit Only
Coil Only
Set HT leads Spark
Plugs Each
    From £34.95 £19.95 From £64.95 £14.95 £2.00 Each
MGA All Models DM2& 25D Negative Earth Only
MGB 1962-1974 25D Negative Earth Only
MGB 1975-1981 45D4


1962-1974 1095/1275
1975-1981 1500cc


You Can use the section below to
Build the Distributor Pack of your Choice Available options are

Distributor Type All types of Distributor are available in both top fitting and side fitting HT leads.
Coil Type All Chrome bumper Models should select Red Non Ballast Sports Coils
All Rubber Bumper Models Should select Blue Ballast Coils
Leads Leads for push fit caps are available in both ready made and Custom Build Type 6 finish ( customer fits Distributor end )  
Spark Plugs


AC range for 3 prong available in Standard , Fast Road and High Mileage/ Short Journey plugs

AIR range Available in Standard and Fast Road for additional £6.00




If You wish to convert your existing Distributor using a Module
you can select a Custom Pack below .

ALL This for £64.95 , 4cyl Pack



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