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Modern Ignition for Classic Cars
Pinto Engine



All items are available Individually in the Blue section
For complete custom distributor packs see Yellow section
For Module Packs see the Green section

Individual Pinto Ignition parts
See Below for packs

Kit Only
Coil Only
Set HT leads Spark
Plugs Each
    From £34.95 £19.95 From £74.95 £14.95 £2.00 Each
All Models fitted with a Pinto Engine OHC
NON Ballast Ignition.
Note: All Cars have a Ballast ignition from new


Distributor Pack

You can use the section below to
Build the Distributor Pack of your Choice Available options are

Our Pinto Pack is suitable for any car with a Pinto Engine .
It is completely stand alone, and is not used in conjunction with any other Parts

Distributor Type

Distributors are available in both Vacuum and none Vacuum Distributors

Vacuum- The primary purpose of a Vacuum is to advance the engine when the throttle is closed or slightly open, this give improved economy and reduces emissions.

Non-Vacuum Distributors would generally be used on performance cars with Large or Multiple Carburettors , where economy is not a Issue.

Coil Type All Chrome bumper Models should select Red Non Ballast Sports Coils
All Rubber Bumper Models Should select Blue Ballast Coils
Leads Leads for push fit caps are available in both ready made and Custom Build Type 6 finish ( customer fits Distributor end )  
Spark Plugs

AC range for 3 prong available in Standard or Fast Road
The 3 prongs give increased reliability

IRIDIUM AIR range Available in Standard Performance , IRIDIUM is a super hard material that allows for a much thinner electrode to be used , this concentrates the spark and helps anti-fouling
Available for a additional £6.00




Module Pack
If You wish to convert your existing Distributor using a Module
you can select a Custom Pack below .

ALL This from £64.95, 4cyl Pack



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