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Modern Ignition for Classic Cars


Brand New Item:

Set of 3 AccuSpark wire Separators
Set is Suitable for 8 -10 mm leads
Comes with free Allen key

Brand New Item:

The Sparkrite HT Lead Crimping tool
Made as an inexpensive alternative to crimping tools costing upwards of £80
The Sparkrite crimp tool is a simple tool made from industial strenth plastic, Polypropelean .
Please note this is intended as a inexpensive method to make a small number of leads of professional quality.
It is not a tool for professinal use.


AccuSpark Part Finished Leads

Custom Lead set Red ,Blue and Black , 4cyl cars

Al leads supplied are 1m
Please select option :
Custom Lead set Red ,Blue and Black, 6 cyl cars
Al leads supplied are 1m
Please select option :



AccuSpark HT Leads Components
Make your own leads

HT Lead is 8mm Soft Silicone Carbon Core
High Resistance Suitbale for all types of Ignition Systems

Lengths over 1 Meter
are Supplied in one
continuous piece upto 10 Meters




AccuSpark Pre-made leads

Type 1 Common Application:
MGB , and all BMC B-series engines

Type 2 Common Applications:
All Mini , Morris Minor , A40
All BMC A- series Engines

Type 3 All Ford Pinto Engines
Type 4 All Ford Cross Flow engines
Leads are supplied all 65 cm
Type 5

All VW 4 cyl air cooled engines

Type 6

Suitable 4cyl cars With Lucas screw in side cap . Leads upto 1 meter

Type 7 Ford Essex V6
Type 8 All Triumph Spitfire, Herald , MG Midget 1500




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