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Modern Ignition for Classic Cars


Replacement Triggers for AccSpark Igniton kits

Please select option :
HSP1 Heatsink paste suitable for fitting AccuSpark Modules
  Base plate suitable for 25D Lucas Distributors
  Base plate suitable for 45D Lucas Distributors
  Replacement Vacuum for 25D Distributors
  Replacement Vacuum for 45D Distributors
  Replacement Vacuum for Bosch Type distributors
  Replacement Vacuum for Delco 4 and 6 cyl Type distributors
  Vaccum Blanking Plate for 43D/45D Distributors
  Combination Trigger and Rotor for Lucas 45D Distributors
  Low Tension wire
  Ford Distributor Cross-flow Gear
  Vacuum Pipe with ends
  25D Distributor Distributor Clips
  45D Distributor Distributor Clips
  Bosch Distributor Clips
  25D/45D Distributor Clamp



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