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Modern Ignition for Classic Cars

Universal Electronic Ignition Conversion
for ALL cars *

Introducing the new Sparkrite SX4000 Electronic Ignition for All 4 6 & 8 Cylinder cars

The Sparkrite SX4000 works in conjunction with the original points . It retains the benefits and overcomes the shortfall with traditional Points ignitions

Traditional points fail for two reasons ,

1. constant wear on the points heel causes the points gap to open and thus changing the points gap , this alters the coil saturation time thus effecting the spark strength .

2. Constant high voltage causes arcing burning the points away again altering the points gap .



How Does Sparkrite work ?

The Sparkrite SX4000 diverts the main flow of current away from the points and earths the coil through a relay .

It uses the points only as a switch , the points now only carry millimps , with no current the points will never burn out.
In addition because the points are only acting as a trigger, the points gap no longer matters, as the dwell time is now handled by the Sparkrite SX4000

Unlike points that have a fixed points gap , meaning that as the distributor speeds up, the time the coil saturation time becomes shorter The sparkrite unit controls coil saturation time , giving the perfect spark

Benefits of The Sparkrite SX4000

The Sparkrite retains the mechanical reliability of points, with the performance of electronic Ignition that can be switched back to points at any time using the switch on the side of unt

Points are a incredibly reliable trigger switch. With out any current they will continue to switch Billions of times .

Suitable for any car with a traditional points Ignition

Add a set of Sparkrite Classic HT leads
Avialable in Black with Gold lettering in 4 and 6 cyl .

Leads come with both Straight and 90 drgree ends
In order to make any combination required

Add Sparkrite coil at a special price

In Addition to the Sparkrite SX4000 we can supply a High power Sports Ignition coil thst csn be used with both Ballst and none Ballast Igniitons


Add our useful HT lead and Spark testes at a special
Price . Add 1 , 2 or 4 as required
* Suitable only Negative Earth cars    


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